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Burke Substance Abuse (BSAN) meets on the last Friday of every month. Invitations and meeting information are sent before the meeting date and invitees are asked to RSVP.

The coalition also hosts multiple taskforces with a focus on different needs and concerns of the community.  These meetings are documented through meeting minutes.  These minutes are available via the taskforce chair.  For more information about these taskforces or to obtain minutes, please contact the BSAN Leadership Chair, Brandi Greer.

BSAN operates as a sub-committee of the county-wide collaborative focusing on the health and well-being of the county as a whole - Burke Wellness Initiative.  Substance use/misuse has been consecutively identified for the past six years as a major health concern and crisis and a BSAN team has been tasked with developing and implementing the action plan to address these concerns.  For more information about the Burke Wellness Initiative, please contact Chae Moore with the Burke County Health Department.

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This is a touring simulation designed to appear like a teenage boy's bedroom.  Attendees are presented with a scenario and invited to take 5 minutes to tour the room and see what paraphernalia and clues they can find that point to at-risk behavior.  Attendees are then guided to a "Revelation Station" to explore all of the concerning elements in the room and have an open discussion about the ramifications thereof. 

Join the Drug-Free Burke team as they explore the underground world of getting legally high by sharing their undercover exploration of shops that sell hemp products in the mountains and piedmont of NC.  This presentation features an overview of the Farm Act which made hemp production and the sale of hemp products legal; the "loophole" which has allowed for the production and sale of hemp products with THC; and the lack of knowledge in the distribution arena regarding the dangers and societal impacts of "legal weed"...and marijuana.

Interested in learning more about the Purple Elephant Program which guides agencies and coalitions towards the creation of safe havens in their community?  The Drug-Free Burke team is more than willing to present an overview of the program so you can decide if the program would be the right fit for you.  More information about the Purple Elephant Program can be found here.

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